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Who is Round Table Pizza?

Round Table Pizza Provides a Family Pizza Franchise

Ask anyone who has grown up in a community with a Round Table Pizza, and they’ll regale you with stories of birthday parties, family pizza night and hanging out after the big game. Since the brand’s inception in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1959, Round Table has been committed to being “The Last Honest Pizza,” not only by providing a superior product but by dedicating ourselves to providing great service as both a restaurant and a neighbor in every community we’re located in.

As a brand, we have positioned ourselves above the fray of the $10 pizza wars. Round Table Pizza has maintained a consistent focus on quality, starting with the ingredients. Founder Bill Larson took time to craft a pizza recipe with integrity, and we still honor that today. We use only high-quality ingredients like real cheese and from-scratch dough. And even as we keep our traditions, we know innovation is what drives our momentum in a what IBISWorld says is a $45 billion industry. We bring families closer together 

through our commitment to heritage, quality and innovation. Round Table stays outside the playing field of $10 pizzas, kid-centric concepts where food is an afterthought, or adult-focused playgrounds. We own the family-friendly positioning in the pizza franchise space.

Customers love us because we’re the pizza they grew up with, the restaurant where they can go to escape another night of cooking and dishes or to treat a hard-working Scout troop for a job well done. Franchisees love us because ours is a proven concept with plenty of open territories, market recognition and accessible investments for everyone from owner-operators to empire-builders.

Who are we looking for in a pizza franchise owner?

Virtually all our franchise owners started out as brand fans. Of those who did happen to be 

new to Round Table when they discovered our franchise opportunity, you better believe they became quick converts.

In addition to being crazy about our pizza, our franchisees also have to meet a set of minimum qualifications . These qualifications apply to all new franchise candidates, regardless of whether they are seeking to develop new restaurants or acquire existing franchises. We put these standards in place to ensure everyone on the team is on the same page and to protect the integrity of our brand. These standards ultimately ensure the continued operational excellence and success of Round Table Pizza. Among the characteristics we look for in a Round Table franchise owner:

  • Foodservice industry experience as an owner/operator or manager with P&L responsibility
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and manage people
  • Strong leadership skills and a proven record of success in business
  • Business acumen and financial management skills
  • Passion for customer service
  • Minimum liquidity of $200,000
  • Net worth of $500,000

Beyond those minimum qualifications, our franchisees’ backgrounds are varied. Some of them are empire builders, experienced franchisees from other concepts who have the talent and the skills to be successful multi-unit owners with Round Table. Some have been with us so long they’re now passing the baton to their children, who grew up watching their parents build success and now want to be part of that as well. We also see Baby Boomers who are looking to build something in the next 5-10 years to provide recurring income in their retirement.

We’re invested in franchisee’s success, because we’re franchisees, too. We have 450 restaurants open and under development, and 70 of those are company-owned. If you believe you meet our minimum franchisee qualifications and would like to learn more, please fill out the form for a free franchise report, or click below to find out more about our investment opportunity.

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