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What Do Franchisees Say About Round Table Pizza?

Round Table Pizza Franchisees Reveal What They Really Think about Our Brand

You can tell a lot about a brand by its franchisees. Here are a few comments from some of our pizza franchise owners who were asked what they liked about Round Table and what makes this brand stand out.

There’s a sense of optimism among the leadership team that carries a long way. They make it easy to believe in them, their sense of clarity, their commitment and their direction. They’re open to testing new things; they continue to work on technology and try new products to enhance the pizza. They’re there for us as franchisees. They are very authentic genuine people who want us to succeed.                    

—Paul Gill, Los Angeles

I love to make pizza all day long. My personal favorite on the menu is still the King Arthur Supreme. I haven’t gotten tired of it. I still love it, and I still bring pizza home at least once a week. I really like our product.                     

—Ali Khajavipour, San Diego

There’s flexibility to make my own decisions and either test them or try to prove them out. If they work, there’s a personal and financial impact. There’s security in having a salary with a corporation but there’s tremendous upside in being an owner and having autonomy to make more money. People and numbers are exciting to me. As a corporate person you have to keep people at arm’s length. As an owner you can get in there. There’s a different feel to that, and an excitement when ideas prove out.   

—Mike Osogwin, Tustin, California

The great thing is that pizza is not going away. Round Table has quality ingredients and a solid reputation. I would say come and have a taste for yourself and you can see the difference. I was a customer first, and I became a franchisee.                                                                                                                

—Gundeep Sethi, San Francisco Bay Area, California

We really fill a niche for families with young kids, with banquet rooms and games. And the younger generation can come in and sit at the bar. I don’t know of any other franchise competition.                   

—Olga Lundgren, Seattle

I have in the last 15 years been pre-approved with 8 different franchise concepts. Every time I went to ink something, I kept asking myself, why reinvent the wheel? If I can make my money back in 3 or 4 years — and sometimes I’d make my   

money back in one year — I’d be stupid to invest in something else. It didn’t make sense to go into another concept with less volume and risk not making my money back in 3 years. I couldn’t find something that made my money back faster.

—Ali Kerachi, San Francisco Bay Area

It’s more about the experience Round Table has provided over the years of being a community gathering place, like the way there used to be really that sense of a neighborhood pizza restaurant. We try to make it fun. Hopefully if your employees enjoy what they’re doing, they make it a fun environment.            

—Paul Barbano, Seattle

There’s always going to be a customer for a premium product if you execute it well. As an example, the most common comment I hear is, “oh yeah, your pizza’s so great!” as opposed to, “It’s a great deal.” I’d rather be Nordstrom’s than Penny’s.                                                                                                                          

—Lance Hungerford, Tacoma, Washington

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