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Resales Offer More Investment Options to Franchisees

Qualified Candidates Can Take Advantage of Round Table Resales Inventory

Round Table Pizza has plenty of room to expand and open new restaurants, but with nearly 60 years of history and hundreds of locations that have been in operation for decades, we also have resale opportunities from franchisees who are ready to retire or make another life change.

To make it easier for our current and future franchisees to connect, Round Table maintains a resale inventory that is made available with permission from existing owners. Candidates must meet all of our franchisee criteria, purchase terms must be negotiated with the seller, and additional investments for equipment and facility upgrades may be required by Round Table.

Location, facility condition, lease status and financial performance all vary. Purchase price is negotiated between the franchisee and buyer. Resale listings are made available, with permission from owners, only to candidates approved as new franchisees. Other financial considerations include:

  • Initial fees: $12,500 for initial acquisition; $7,500 for additional acquisitions.
  • Ongoing fees: 8% of adjusted gross sales monthly (4% franchise fee and 4% advertising fund fee)
  • Contract term: Remaining term of seller’s franchise agreement with renewal options.

If you’d like to learn more about resale opportunities, please fill out the form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

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