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The Industry: Making It as a Pizza Franchise

There are a million reasons why investing in a pizza franchise is a good idea, starting with the thriving industry. A Harris poll found that Americans’ favorite comfort food is pizza and, even more significantly, pizza won that noble distinction by twice as many votes than any other food! Because of pizza’s status as an American favorite, the pizza industry is as popular as ever.

Industry Growth

It should have come as no surprise that pizza is incredibly popular. This popularity means that the pizza industry is thriving all over the United States and worldwide, where consumers are eating more pizza than they have in years. Data from Pizza Magazine’s Pizza Power Report show just how strong the pizza industry is:

  • In the United States alone, pizza restaurants’ sales are $44 billion
  • The industry increased sales by 3.75% from 2015-2016
  • By 2020, industry sales are expected to go up by 7.39%
  • In 2016, pizza consumption was higher than it has been in four years
  • 41% of consumers said in a poll that they eat pizza every week
  • Just two years ago, only 26% of consumers reported that they ate pizza every week

These are some truly exciting numbers for anyone interested in opening a pizza franchise. The industry is showing serious gains in the last few years with no signs of stopping, and the best part is that growth is not reserved exclusively for large chains! Independent pizza restaurants and small chains  earned $19.75 billion almost half of the total industry earnings!

Get Your Piece of the Pie

How do you make it as a pizza franchise owner? Through hard work, dedication to your business, and a little help from a network of people who have been there before. When you invest in a Round Table Pizza franchise, you get some distinct advantages that will help you navigate the industry. These are just two of the advantages of investing in the Round Table brand.

Let Them Eat Pizza

American consumers are used to a certain flavor that comes from their pizza, and those classics remain most popular, according to the Pizza Power Report. Consumers are still primarily buying pizzas with flavors they are familiar with—pepperoni, supreme, Hawaiian, white chicken, BBQ chicken, etc.—made with quality ingredients. In addition to the classics, consumers are looking for unique twists and limited time offers that allow them to try something new.

Round Table Pizza is happy to offer our customers our delicious, premium versions of these classic topping combinations, made with our zesty sauce and homemade crust. In addition, we are known as pizza innovators because we have come up with over 30 exciting flavors over the years that combine classic flavors with new twists. We also give the option to create your own pizza. On top of that, customers can order made-from-scratch appetizers, salads, and sandwiches to satisfy everyone’s craving.

Quality Is King

As consumers become more conscious of their health and the environment, they are increasingly interested in eating food made fresh from quality ingredients. Where your ingredients come from matters to your customers, and they are uninterested in eating pizza made from frozen dough and day-old toppings.

The good news is that at Round Table Pizza, we don’t cut corners, keeping our pizza authentic, fresh, and delicious. We make our dough from scratch, we chop our veggies in store every day, we use perfectly aged cheese and only premium meats, and the list goes on. Every part of the pizza process is done at the last possible moment to ensure optimum freshness for your customers.

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