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How to Open a Pizza Franchise

We know by now you are probably wondering how to open a pizza franchise. In our years of experience in the restaurant franchise industry, we have been able to streamline our franchise process to be simple and straightforward for all of our candidates.

After you fill out our online request for information, you have officially started the process to become a Round Table Pizza franchisee! Follow these next steps to take you from your initial inquiry to a potential franchise award.

This process typically takes 6-8 weeks from start to finish. Once you are awarded a franchise, the fun can really begin!

1. Fill Out Our Online Form

The first step is to fill out our online inquiry form. This form lets us know that you are interested in more information about our brand and opportunity. Right after you submit the form, we will send you an email acknowledgment and a link to our free downloadable franchise report. Read through the franchise report to learn some more valuable information about owning a Round Table Pizza franchise.

2. Talk to Us

Soon after you receive the franchise report email, you should expect a quick phone call from us. On this phone call, we will introduce ourselves and take a few minutes to learn more about you, your interests, skills, and goals. This is an important call when we decide together if Round Table Pizza is a good match for you.

3. Submit an Application

Following your phone call, we will send you an application to fill out. The application asks questions about your work history, goals, and objectives as a franchisee, and financial situation including personal information and associated documentation.

As part of the application process, we will schedule a follow up call with you and one of our franchise sales managers. During this call, we aim to get to know you even better by learning about your specific objectives and having in-depth conversations about our opportunity. We recommend you take this time to get answers to any lingering questions you have about us as well.

4. Receive the Franchise Disclosure Document

When we have received and reviewed your application, we will send you a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document, or FDD. This is a legal document that defines the parameters of the franchisor-franchisee relationship and outlines the obligations of both parties. At this time, we also schedule a face-to-face interview with our regional business manager and franchise sales manager.

5. Attend Discovery Day

After your face-to-face meeting and review of the FDD, it is time to attend Discovery Day! This is an exciting time in the franchise process when you will come to our headquarters in Atlanta, GA and meet our leadership team. After this meeting, if we both feel like a good fit for one another, we will move forward with criminal and credit checks on each candidate. If all goes well, we will initiate further talks on the next steps which involve sending you copies of your franchise agreement.

6. Become a Franchisee

Finally, the moment you have been waiting for: Becoming a franchisee! If we approve your application and decide that you are a great match for the Round Table Pizza family, we will award you a franchise.

Are you ready to get started! Fill out the form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

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