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How Do We Differ From Competitors?

‘The Last Honest Pizza’ sets itself apart with commitment to quality ingredients and franchisee support

Decades’ worth of high customer satisfaction has made us a household name in the West. Customers know they can trust us to provide an honest pizza made with high quality meats, real cheeses like whole-milk mozzarella, aged cheddar and smoked provolone, and fresh hand-sliced vegetables. Our proprietary dough is made from scratch daily in every restaurant, using a unique system that ensures each bite is both crunchy and chewy. Our zesty tomato sauce is made from California-grown tomatoes and 11 herbs and spices. We refuse to skimp on quality or on quantity. We use our combined buying power to purchase the best ingredients at the best prices.

Take a good look at the next Round Table pizza you see, and you’ll realize there’s very little empty space. We spread the toppings all the way to the edge, just one of many ways our product conveys integrity and delivers value to our customers.

How our pizza franchise business model is different for franchisees

Of course, you have to have more than great food to become an iconic brand. You have to have a best-in-class business model that harnesses the collective genius of franchisees.

We have cultivated a collaborative environment centered around supporting our franchisees in every way possible to help them succeed. It’s been that way since the beginning, and in almost 60 years of business we have perfected our training systems and operations. Round Table has proven to be sustainable because we are so well-positioned in a $45 billion industry that is itself growing.

Protecting the bottom line

In the pizza industry, our “affordable premium” category stands out among the 50% or so of businesses that are playing in the deep-discount, under $10, delivery-only space. Affordable premium simply means our product stands out as a high-quality product with high demand: It’s an affordable, family-friendly luxury.

Growth opportunities

With our brand recognition in our base market in California and our growing presence in expanding Western markets, our franchisees often start out with a built-in base of loyal customers, one that continues to grow. That makes it easier to scale up, since rising sales and high profit margins combined with brand maturity and open territory is a strong formula for growth.

Many of our franchisees have been with us for decades, while others are relatively new to our concept. Either way, you’ll typically find they love the accessibility of our experienced leadership team and the family feel they get from our collaborative culture.

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