Round Table Pizza ‘Honestly’ Offers the Best Pizza Restaurant Franchise

Round Table Pizza ‘Honestly’ Offers the Best Pizza Restaurant Franchise

It’s easy to find the best pizza franchise opportunity on the market. Just look for a brand that’s been around for decades, has a loyal following for its delicious high-quality food, and offers a franchise program that boasts executive-level training and support.

Sound too good to be true? At Round Table Pizza, we invite you to pull up a chair and learn why our brand stands out from the competition. We love the culture we’ve created within our franchise program, and when combined with our premium pizza, you’ve got a recipe for success.

A pizza franchise opportunity offering a premium product

The pizza franchise restaurant marketplace offers investors as many options as there are toppings for pizza. But just like ingredients, some pizza franchise opportunities offer much more quality than others.

Round Table Pizza centers its business model on our premium menu offerings. Our meals offer incredible value, with quality considered just as much as quantity. This approach stands out among the majority of the pizza industry selling very low-cost, low-quality products.

Dail fresh-rolled dough, high-quality meats, hand-sliced fresh vegetables, toppings placed crust-to-crust — keeping these qualities as our priority is what makes ours the “Last Honest Pizza” out there.

A Round Table Pizza history lesson

In 1959, Bill Larson wrote the first line of Round Table Pizza history, opening the premier restaurant in the San Francisco area. Larson quickly built a fan base of newly minted pizza lovers. Since that fateful opening, Round Table Pizza has grown to more than 450 locations open and under development, making us the leading West Coast pizza franchise.

You don’t stay open for 60 years unless you’re doing something better than the rest. At Round Table Pizza, a few things contribute to our longevity. It all starts with our premium product — guests just love our pizza. They keep coming back for more, and they tell their friends. Next, Round Table Pizza restaurants positively contribute to the communities they serve, acting as a responsible and enthusiastic neighbor. Finally, because of the investors who have come on board, we’ve grown into a famous pizza franchise through the West Coast.

It’s been a wonderful 60 years, but at Round Table Pizza, we’re still welcoming new franchise owners to come in a grab a slice of the growth potential with our pizza franchise opportunity.

A pizza restaurant franchise with great listening skills

Everything about our franchise program speaks to our brand longevity. Our iconic pizza franchise has been going strong since 1962, and we’ve done some tweaking over the last half century to perfect our operations, training and support. Throughout the years, we’ve discovered that consistently asking franchise owners for input is the best way to fuel growth.

Our collaborative culture drives Round Table Pizza franchise owners to work together to spur continued advancement. We know the greatest strength of franchising is the coalition it builds among like-minded individuals with a collective focus. The training and support programs we’ve put in place allows our famous pizza franchise owners to reach for their loftiest goals.

Pizza franchise opportunities in California and beyond

We can’t wait to share more of the Round Table Pizza story with you, and tell you more about how you can become part of it.  We have Round Table Pizza franchises for sale in West Coast for single, multi-unit new development and resale opportunities.. Contact us today for more information, or call (925) 969-3900.

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