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Exactly How Big is the Pizza Industry?

Pizza consumption managed to climb to its highest level in four years in 2016, according to a report by Technomics, and 41 percent of those polled claimed they ate it at least once a week. The pizza industry is continuing to expand across the world — some areas experienced up to 45 percent growth last year. Large pizza chains like Round Table Pizza are leading the charge. You can become a part of this change and take advantage of this growing industry by franchising with Round Table Pizza.

Stable Market

The pizza industry brings in approximately $45 billion in revenue, and it has grown steadily for the past five years, despite shifting consumer tastes that have led to more health-conscious venues to take priority. Though independent operators have often struggled, larger franchises have been able to weather the storm and even thrive.

Continuously Expanding

The market for pizza is expected to keep pace with an improving economy as many families begin to eat out more. Improved selections and technological advancements allow pizza establishments to maintain, and even expand, their market share in the restaurant industry. Round Table Pizza plans to continue developing their franchise and push further into the West Coast market.

Well-Rounded Model

Many pizza providers have gradually shifted their focus to delivery operations as trends have moved more towards quicker service and online orders. However, with the industry’s expected growth, and the predicted increase of dine-in guests, many establishments may find themselves at a disadvantage. Round Table Pizza maintains a consistent, multi-level platform that is able to address every customer demand.

Better Quality

Consumers have been demanding more from their food; they want restaurants to use better and healthier ingredients in their menus. Round Table Pizza is able to meet this expectation by putting together fresh ingredients in full view of the customer. The fast casual restaurant style also allows for a relaxed atmosphere and affordable price ranges while still maintaining the level of quality that customers expect with their pizza.

Maintaining a Standard

Round Table Pizza not only offers the best ingredients, but they also commit to a standard of exemplary service. That is why they thoroughly vet all potential franchisees and put them through a comprehensive selection process. Those that are approved receive full operational training that can be accessed both in-person and online, an ongoing support package that will allow franchisees to continuously improve their business, and more.

The pizza industry is a robust one, and it has been subject to many changes. Consumer demand remains high and entrepreneurs seeking to take advantage of current trends can find considerable opportunity by franchising with Round Table Pizza. Contact Round Table Pizza to learn more.

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