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How Big is the Pizza Industry?

See how Round Table Pizza franchises stand out in a crowded market


The pizza industry generates $45 billion in annual sales, and is one of the biggest and most stable segments of the restaurant industry. 1 out of 8 people eat pizza on any given day, according to the USDA.

The ubiquity of demand is one of the reasons Round Table Pizza has been so successful in small towns, and has built a thriving business in areas where other franchise chains struggle to compete. Demand for pizza is universal. With 1-in-8 people eating pizza every day, it doesn’t take a massive population to sustain a strong business. You just have to be better than your pizza competitors, and that’s where we excel.

As one of the players since 1959, Round Table isn’t going anywhere. We have over 450 franchises open and under development in California and in the Western states, and we plan to grow our footprint by leveraging the loyalty of our existing customers to open new restaurants in available territories.

How we’re set up to win

The pizza industry has proven itself to be sustainable for the long haul, and even as new concepts join the market regularly, Round Table occupies a unique niche. We make it easier for entrepreneurs to win market share through:

  • Our commitment to a product with integrity
  • Our culture of franchisee support
  • Our fun, relaxing, family-friendly atmosphere
  • Our strong marketing plans that can be tailored for every community

Multi-unit expansion opportunities

Paul Gill, who together with business partner Behzad Cohan has 27 units in California’s Central Valley and Southern California either open or in development, knew from the get-go what he’d walked into when he and Cohan were introduced to the brand in 2013. The two were already experienced multi-unit franchisees, with a large number of Yogurtland and Subway locations in Los Angeles County.

“What we saw was a lot of opportunity with this brand,” Gill says. “My business partner and I totally loved the food and we felt they had a good model. This type of family atmosphere is just not out there as much anymore. It’s a place where kids and families can come in and enjoy a meal together. They can come in and hang out after a ball game; moms and dads can watch sports on TV while kids play video games. We felt this type of model was needed, especially in smaller markets and towns.”

Balanced revenue streams

Our business model tends to be a balanced one — on average, our franchisees generate about a third of their revenues through delivery, a third through carry-out and a third through dine-in sales. The biggest players in the pizza segment have gone almost exclusively toward pick-up and delivery. Without the ability to provide customers a guest experience, they are left to battle it out with ever-more deeply discounted products. Round Table stays away from that game. We provide family-oriented community gathering spots and a menu that relies on higher quality ingredients, not coupons and discounts, to grow our customer and fan base. If you’d like to explore more, please click below.

Research Round Table Pizza

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