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Flexible Restaurant Models to Choose From

From our core dine-in concept to our expansive Clubhouse, Round Table can accommodate many site selection options

One advantage of franchising is having systems, processes and a winning formula in place. If followed properly, it can be a roadmap to success. One place where some franchisors find roadblocks, however, is in finding the right site for their concept. If the requirements are too limiting, franchisees can struggle to expand even into spaces surrounded by great demographics, because the available square footage doesn’t match requirements.

Round Table Pizza, however, offers flexibility in the size and location of our concepts with a number of different models to choose from. This allows franchisees to make the most out of whatever the real estate market is in their community.

So for example, in some towns real estate might be a buck a foot, in which case you can operate a 5,000-square-foot Round Table and have a little bar and have a bigger arcade and have two team rooms for meetings and be very successful,” says Ted Storey, Senior Vice President of Business Development and General Counsel. “When you are operating in San Francisco or Los Angeles it is not going to be a buck a square foot, it is going to be four dollars a square foot, and operating a 5,000-square-foot restaurant makes no sense. But you can operate a 2,000-square-foot restaurant in those areas and also be very successful, because we have the flexibility to develop a restaurant that works within 2,000 square feet.”

The Round Table models

Delivery and carry-out only: Perfect for urban areas, the omission of our traditional dining, party room and arcade spaces allows for a streamlined operation optimized for delivery and carry-out revenue. The typical square footage is 800-1,400, and the average startup costs range from $286,300 to $463,250.*

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Traditional dine-in concept: Our Round Table dine-in restaurant is great in large communities and small and includes a large dining room and an arcade area for the kids. Our traditional concept typically includes a salad bar and lunch buffet as well as pasta and artisan flatbreads. Our banquet rooms accommodate a variety of parties and social gatherings, and we also serve a selection of wines and local craft beers. It usually varies in size from 2,400-4,000 square feet square feet and costs on average $423,500 to $831,250.*

Clubhouse: We amped up the volume on our traditional dine-in concept featuring an expanded menu with burgers and appetizers, a pub area with local craft beers on tap, a large arcade, banquet rooms for parties and social gatherings and big screen TV’s throughout.  The Clubhouse has a more casual dining feel and has the capacity to serve larger crowds and generate more revenue for owners.  The initial investment for our largest concept, which runs about 4,200 to 6,500 square feet, is $501,500 to $889,250.*  

*Costs can vary depending on the size of the concept and other variables. All figures are from our 2017 Franchise Disclosure Document.

Research Round Table Pizza

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